IORE + T46-GPC + Dm3 "modern" + Fammoorr050 - Donationware

This is donationware.
Please send me a donation (at least 10 Euro) and I send you the download-link by eMail.
The Kiruna route comes later as freeware ...
Attention !
Please enter your donation amount.
Purpose: "IORE"


- IORE loco: 101 up to 120 old design
- IORE loco: 121 up to 134 new design
- T46-GPC (low poly)
- Fammoorr050 iron ore wagon
- Dm3 loco - "Josefina"
- Dm3 loco - "Bruno"
known bugs:

- IORE cab are not animated in this version. It comes later...
You must drive with your Keyboard/Joystick/Raildriver or the HUD.

click on the images to enlarge:

Posted by Swen Klemund on 15th February 2015